Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad

Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad 1.0

This tool allows you quick adding of ActiveX controls to your HTML pages
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Under the intensive programming it is better to use Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad. This program provides commands binding of Visual Basic with different events and elements manage on the page. So, you will be able to pay more attention to the development process itself.
This tool allows you quick adding of ActiveX controls (and the VBScript or JavaScript needed to manipulate them) to your HTML pages. The update to Control Pad 1.0 includes the following:
bug fixes, updated versions of files that are shared with Office 97, Visual Basic 5, and other applications, improved Japanese support, support for containment of controls that expect the IObjectSafety interface.
With the ActiveX Control Pad you can create interactive multimedia Web sites and applications that go beyond the capabilities of standard HTML. You can create Web pages that combine HTML code, ActiveX controls, HTML Layouts, and VBScript or JavaScript. It allows generating/writing HTML codes. You can insert multiple controls on a single page using this tool and format them. The scripting wizard lets you assign events and actions to controls and generates’ script which can be inserted in HTML pages. This tool supports two types of output: HTML Page - the generated HTML page which can be directly loaded into browser and HTML layout page, which can be include in an HTML page.

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  • Commands binding of Visual Basic
  • Creation interactive multimedia web sites
  • Two types of output


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